Visual Artist

In order to reconcile the changes brought on by recent technological advancements, this series of images, Adventures in Barely Breathing, explores the chaos of a drastically changing world. The shifts of dependence on technology as well as the unforeseen consequences of this digital revolution are underlying themes that encompass this series. By using a technique often referred to as “data bending,” a process in which the hex or digital code of a digital photograph is manually changed, I alter the same photograph of a young girl taking a breath while swimming. This image investigates the internal chaos that is felt when coming to terms with the current changes our society faces. The technique used for this work employs the altering of a digital photograph’s digital code with the use of hex editor software. The image is created in sequences, by first altering the hex code of the photograph and next changing the color mode between RGB to CMYK or visa versa in an image-editing program like Adobe Photoshop. In these images the photograph’s color channels are separated by using this same technique of altering the digital code of the photograph but by using a file that has been saved with the pixels arranged by color segments.  By repeating this method multiple times, chance takes hold of the process, allowing colors to mix and sections of the photograph to shift resulting in the varying versions of the same photograph within the series.